Privacy Policy

Cookies are enabled on this website. Cookies are small text data file that is stored on your computer or handheld devices browser when you visit a website. Cookies are harmless and are designed to enhance your online experience. For example, remembering items you put into a shopping basket from your last visit or recommending products based on your previous purchases. For more information on how cookies are used and how to control or delete them, visit this site.

Removing Cookies and browsing without cookies.

Cookies can be deleted from your browser by deleting them individually or completely from the cookie cache. Please refer to the user guide for your particular browser for instructions. You can also put your browser into ‘private’ mode so that cookies are not stored. The names are: ‘InPrivate’ for Internet Explorer, ‘Incognito’ in Chrome, ‘Private Browsing’ in Firefox and Safari. Refer to your browsers user guides for information.

Cookies we use and their purpose

The Cookies used on this site are used by Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Analytics is used to learn more about our visitor’s behaviour and the pages they visit. On a basic level, this helps us improve our website by understanding visitor behaviour. It is important to understand that no personal information is collected by the cookies used in Analytics or Adwords. If you would like to opt-out of the data received by Analytics, check your browsers extension page for a blocker.

Our Google Analytics also has Demographics and Interest Reporting enabled. This will collect information from Google’s Interest-based advertising or 3rd-party audience data (such as age, gender, and interests) and display it within Google Analytics. This helps us get a better understanding of our audience type so we can show you relevant information and products. Here is a link to Google Analytics privacy overview.

Cookies for using the Google advertising (Adwords) platform and Google remarketing are enabled. This means that Google and third parties will show our ads across their properties on the internet such as Google search, Google maps and third party websites displaying Google ads. So if you visit this via a web search, recommendation or an online advert, and we feel that you have shown an interest in one of our products or services, you may see an advert from our website when visiting another website. You can control how adverts from the google network are shown to you by visiting this link and making changes to your settings. This includes turning off ads altogether.

By using this website we hope that you are happy that we are using cookies and in effect give consent by continuing to use the site.

If you are not happy you can stop using the site or delete the cookies after leaving the site.

From time to time we may use other cookies to gather anonymous information about visitors to the site to gain a better understanding of our audience. Once again, we never gather personal information with any cookies we use now, or in the future. Any changes in this policy will be reflected on this page.

Forms and contact points – Privacy policy

Contact forms, telephone numbers and email addresses are only used so that we can communicate with you and you can communicate with us. Any information that you may give us will only be used by us for the act of trading with you. No information will ever be passed on to a third party without explicit consent from you.